A long time ago, a friend asked Natalie to scratch her back. Natalie began with scratching, but because she took this favor more seriously than most, the scratching eventually turned into rubbing.

Going further, she experimented with an assortment of massage techniques she had picked up through observation. Circling the back with her knuckles, lightly pounding with her fists, kneading along the shoulders with her fingers.

The friend was supremely grateful for this unexpected treatment.Word eventually spread among friends about Natalie's abilities, and her talent for massage therapy was born.

Although she loved giving massages from an early age, the desire to become an LMT didn't form until much later. In 2007, Natalie graduated from Reed College with a major in psychology. A year later, she rekindled her interest in healing through touch and completed her massage training at East West College.

The bulk of Natalie's massages focus on pain relief, both for acute injuries and chronic pain. She specializes in trigger point therapy and integrative, therapeutic massage. These techniques allow Natalie to tailor every massage towards what the client needs, creating a unique blend of pain reduction, tension release, and relaxation.

Clients love working with Natalie, and they report that she is able to work within their pain tolerance while still providing effective relief. Natalie listens to her clients' needs as well as the needs of their muscles, and she has "intuition and skills well beyond her years."